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Americana, Country, Red Dirt, Folk,  Rock...whatever you want to call it, it's good music from Oklahoma.
Music can be magical. It can help us forget about the troubles of the day. Music can help us heal.
When Cowboy Jones gathers together to play music they forget all about the REAL WORLD and they slip into the magical world of music.
When you listen to COWBOY JONES, whether the recordings or at a live show, we hope it can do the same thing for you.
Laugh, Sing, Dance..whatever...take a break from the real World.
COWBOY JONES is a talented bunch of veterans of the Oklahoma Music Scene. They've been getting together for the last fifteen years or so and they finally have a recording called
   Cowboy Jones is:
Fronted by Bob Wiles on Rhythm guitar
  (a founding member/bass player for the the Red Dirt Rangers)
the band includes:
John Williams on Harmonica
  (played with the Doublnotspyz, Tom Skinner and Gypsy Twang & others)
Kurt Nielsen on Mandolin and Tenor Guitar
  (has played with Bob Childers, Greg Jacobs, Tom Skinner, Red Valley Barnstormers, 
  Wink Burcham and GrazzHopper to name a few)
Steve Huhn on Bass Fiddle 
 (SpringStreet Bluegrass Band, Gypsy Twang, The Bluegrass Offenders)
Anthony Pierce on Lead Guitar
  (AH Pierce and the Arrows, The Saltines, Todd Harkreader)
Dana Hazzard on Fiddle
 (Jason Boland and The Stragglers, Hazzard, The Blue Grass Bullys, Hankerin For Hank and      more)
Jeff Overbeck on Lead/ Slide Guitar
 (AH Pierce and the Arrows, The Saltines, 62 South, The Good Hopes, Bakerville)
Jean Wiles on Shaker egg and Vocals
Rick Gomez on Drums
 (The Red Dirt Rangers, Roy Clark, Tweed, Don White, Gus Hardin. too many to name really)
Jimmy Karstein- Drummer Emeritus (Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Taj Mahal, JJ Cale, Johnny Rivers....)
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